At Recovery MMA, we specialize in training people who are in a rough spot in life. Martial arts can be a great source for self disciplin. No matter what your situation in life is, we believe that a stong community, and weekly fitness regimine can improve your quality of life. Our services are not in any way limited to drug recovery. Food addiction, sex addiction, gambling, anxiety disorders, chemical imbalances, and many other ailments can be improved with our weekly program. Even without any ailments, all are welcomed to join us. No one is required to share thier situation unless they want to.

And did we mention it is free to start? Yes, you heard that right. If you are interested in mixed martial arts, or any type of martial arts, we come together as a community to provide training. As time goes on and you need other materials and services, we have plans in place for you to find local sponsors for your training. We can provite management services, branding, and merchandise as your fighting career progresses.

In the future this website will be home to each of our fighters profiles, and information. This will allow sponsors to log into the site and donate money to your fighter account. This aleviates the awkwardness of asking for cash and makes the entire process more pleasant and more profitable. Business owners can contribute in levels and recieve more rewards the more they sponsor you.

If you would like more info, we will post contact info soon. Please check back to this site for more info as it becomes available.

Thank you,

~Recovery MMA Trainers~